Hijab Tutorial for Jilbab Sosor :p

Most of us know or maybe just hear about jilbab Sosor.. yes this hijab are created by the famous young talented fashion designer Dian pelangi.

Some of us still confused how to use it, i give you some tutorial so you can have fun with your Sosor hijab ;p


Jilbab Twisty
Jilbab SOSOR

it's sooooo easy rite..

STYLE 2 :)

jilbab sosor
jilbab sosor

yeeaahh i know, it's even mooorree easyyyy.. -___-"


jilbab sosor
jilbab sosor

yes alhamdulillah we are done :p

YES everything with this hijab are sooooo easy to be stylish, if you want to go daily and got lazy to be grooming, don’t worry you have this one.. :D

Jilbab Twisty

there are hijab sosor half tone-headtone-One Tone in http://www.warungshopping.com :D

thank you for watching my tutorials, hope it’s useful for you dear… ^_________^

u can have it on HEREĀ 


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