it’s Shawl-shawl and Shawl… !! :D

Hayyyy… ^__^

Back to the topic that is a trend, a cotton shawl .. Do you know what a cotton shawl, and her kind of material?

there are kinds of spandex fabric, cotton and rayon cotton.

okey i tell you the different :)

  1. Spandex :  as you know made ​​of spandex stretch, cool fabric is used and flexible.. so many colors, you can use it for casual events until the party
  2. Cotton :  cotton is comfortable, cool, one level below the level of flexibility of rayon, but cheaperthan those made ​​of rayon
  3.  Rayon : Rayon is very convenient, more flexible, and very relaxed, a little more expensive, but according to the price
style of shawl
style of shawl
dian pelangi on shawl
dian pelangi on shawl
shawl cotton daily
shawl cotton daily

there’s so many ways to be stylish moslem, dont be affraid, for being hijaber muslim means ancient or old-fashioned.. Islam ordered women to cover their aurat and used hijab  to protect Muslim women from prejudice and from the actions of that body embossed.. ^____^ it’s for ur good Ladies…

for buy the shawl, u can find them on here

| Moslem got Style & Rule |


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