There are many inner as we know, besides the already-known inner arabic, there area variety of  other  such  inner :  inner awnings, inner neck, inner ninja or bonnet, let us discuss it one by one

surely you’ve heard and even have the inner awnings, but there may be some of youwho do not understand or know the function of inner awnings itself. so, let me help youto know all kinds of inner awnings. Or how to use it on our daily activity.

you probably already know Arabic inner, the difference with a piece of fabric awnings is just there to be a bit harsh that the inner tip, so when used, the awnings will not stickin our foreheads. curved arch-like hijab hijab another.

so not too visible round the face to us and makes us looks chubby. 

These awnings are also made ​​for those  unfamiliar  with the inner attached to the forehead, and achubby-faced. LOOK at this below Pic..

pic some of the inner awnings side
pic some of the inner awnings side
the details of forehead
the details of forehead

There are also inner neck, called the inner neck because it’s up to cover the neck, so if you wear shawl this can use an alternative, if you choose these style.. you better find a good or best material for inner neck so do not sweat and heat. :D

this we called inner neck
this we called inner neck
This is the kind of  the inner neck chest long
This is the kind of the inner neck chest long

inner neck that reaches to the inner chest like a hijab usually, but just a slightlydifferent tip.

Last we talks about inner ninja or as we known as bonnet, it’s covering all your head also your neck. And there are some store also sell it with the chest long bonnet. The function are when we want to use shawl, or pashmina it still can be covered all your head clean from the hair.. it still on the ‘rule’ right?! :)

from different side of bonnet..
from different side of bonnet..

or this one..

the application.. :)
the application.. :)

it’s Important to use the inner material with a comfortable and best material. Given the use of inner is ‘closest’ to our skin,  make sure we are comfortable and their absorbs our sweat.

You can choose the spandex material, but remember there many kinds of spandex..  there is spandex material not to absorb sweat, make sure it’s best spandex.

And you also can choose the cotton material, best cotton spandex or cotton rayon.  Moreover? it’s thick and not absorb sweat..

Hope this information can help you to find the suitable inner for you, This also applies for inner shirt or legging.. :) please be more to love your skin health.. hehehe…


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  1. dear, where did you find the picture with grey coloured bonnet. i want to buy that. do you have any suggestion which one is good?

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