The UniQue & Incoming Headwear..

Assalamualaykum.. ^___^


dear Ladies, Happy Eid Mubarak.. :)

After the Long holidays, we’re back to our activity where we live.. And enjoy Plus update the incoming headwear for moslem Ladies :D

Maybe u wants to see this one Ladies.. ;)

Turban Balqis
it called "THE BALQISPLUS"... :)


this one? they called 'BONNET CROSS CHEST'...


Inner BalQis can be two tone.. :D GREAT!!


This Syiria can be instant or separate item.. COOL! :)


So, which one do you have already Ladies????



See u again..

You can have it by click these Link : Β THE ONLINE STORE


| Moslem Got Style & Rule |


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