Hareem, Aladin and Bloomy Style..

i’ve seen at my facebook, there sooo many onlineshop are selling hareem pants, bloomy pants, and aladin style.. ow i forgotten there is familiar pants too, their called wide leg pants…

i’m very excited with this newcoming pants style, cause it makes us too looks syar’ie becaus wide on our body, but heeeyy.. it still pants!! ^_____^

and yeah.. looks stylish :p i often use it with long shirt, how abot you? i gave u alternative on this picture.. these picture are taken by copy paste on worldwide.. :) hope it’s useful for us… *thanks to them on the picture, may Allah bless them*


wide leg pants
this wide leg pants or palazzo pants :)


bloomy pants
bloomy cute pants, look at her style.. Gorgeous!!


aladin pants
aladin pants goes to formal fabolous style ^___^


wide pants
niceeee.... :)


hareem, swip it! can be wide pants OR aladin style..


yes, i still have another style.. we see next blog yah Ladies.. :)


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