Hijab Tutorial for Chiffon Shawl (part 8) :)

Assalamualaykum Ladies…

recently, we often hear about chiffon shawl. yeah .. I know, very beautiful. ^____^ from the plain to the motif,  verything looks beautiful..

Flowery motif and pastel colors are trending topic :) so i give you a tutorial for chiffon shawl. But this time the tutorial are made from me.. yayaya, my self as the model..

may previously have a lot of sharing, but this is my favorite usage. lest try now…

step one-four chiffon shawl tutorial
1. Put a shawl over his head, which one is longer than the other
2. take it to one side (shorter side)
3. pull a shawl wrapped around the short side
4. pin in the middle of the back
step 5 to 8 Chiffon shawl tutorial
5. pull the shawl longer cover the front of the neck
6. secure with pin, while trimming
7. enter the rest of the long back (may also be given a pin that does not move)
8. secure with pin is also on the other side to make it more presentable
alhamdulillah we finish yaaayy...
alhamdulillah we finish yaaayy... \(^o^)//
it's soooooooooooooo easy...
it's soooooooooooooo easy... Go try it :)

Alhamdulillah.. next i will give another tutorial :)

thank you for watching me.. ^______^

| Moslem Got Style & Rule |



  1. Hi sis. I’m not really sure about the third step: “Pull a shawl wrapped around the short side.” Do you mind to explain? Because the hijab style is really nice and decent to wear. (:

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