hijab Tutorial for Chiffon Shawl again!! (^__^) part 9..

Assalamualaykum Ladies…

yesterday, i already share chiffon shawl tutorial..  it’s another tutorial may help you to find the suitable one for you..

i’m trying to give you practical and easy tutorial so you can have it in daily use :), it’s truly easy.. i often used for day my day.. :)

follow the step…

tutorial hijab for chiffon shawl
1. take the middle of pasmina
2. drag and take it to the top of the center head
3. secure it with pin
4. take the centar and find the edges
tutorial hijab chiffon shawl
5. bring the edge to the top of head
6. make sure it's pass the center of head
7. Pin it
8. Do the same thing for other side
tutorial hijab chiffon chiffon shawl
9. make sure it's passed the center of head
10. Pin it
11. Take your brooch
12. make sure neatly on the back
alhamdulillah we are done.. \\(^o^)//
alhamdulillah we are done.. \(^o^)//


many kinds of chiffon material such like this one

it's plain shawl :)
it's plain shawl :).. hmmm pastel colors..


paterned Chiffon shawl ^____^
paterned Chiffon shawl ^____^



you can find alternative chiffon shawl in HERE 

thank you for watching ladies… as usually, hope o it’s help you to feel so easy to use hijab, and love your hijab.. :)


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  1. sist, tutorial yg ini ada video nya d youtube ga? kalo ada blh minta link nya? aku rada kesulitan nih mraktekin nya. terimakasih :)

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