Hijab Tutorial Turban for EASY! :)

Assalamualaykum Ladies :)


alhamdulillah so many positive respon for the chiffon shawl tutorial :), now i will give you another tutorial which is you may apply it on your shawl cotto, chiffon shawl or even saten shawl.. just need your innard, shawl, pin and of course brooch :p


step by step

1. find the edge of your shawl
2. put at your top head in the transverse direction
3. give a safety pin
4. brought the longs side to the other side



hijab tutorial

5. take the long side to the top of the head
6. ensure neat, like a turban shape on the middle
7. if necessary, give a pin so as not to move
8. bend to the inside, trim it (if necessary, u can pin them again)



9. pull through below of the chin
10. take it up again, make sure the neat
11. give a pin
12. take it to the side of the shoulder, attach your favorite brooch



thank you for watching :)

alhamdulillah we are done.. it's simple but looks different :)


Thank you for watching, share to your friends, may be useful for you all,…

hope someday muslim women are same looks pretty, cool and gorgeous in the world :)


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