Simply Hijab Tutorial for Paris Hijab

assalamualaykum beauty… ^_______^


meet again at my hijab tutorial, now i want to share a simply hijab tutorial by using Paris Hijab or we often called Jilbab Paris.. Maybe you have a question on your head, such as :

” i already have many Paris Hijab, and now everybody using shawl, how do i look stylish with Paris Hijab?’

these one of hijab paris style that can be use for your daily acivity..


1. use your ninja neatly
2. put your scarf in the middle, the two sides of equal length
3. pull to one side
4. secure by a pin



5. drag it to the top side of your needle , secure again with safety pin
6. See photos, pinned the needle at a designated place
7. Take your brooche
8. Pull the veil behind your ears, and put the brooche



9. Twist the dangle side
10. alhamdulillah we are done ..




try to practice these style, it’s simple and you can use it for daily activity.. ^_____^

share to your friends, thank you.. wassalamualaykum..


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