Hijab Tutorial For Beginner

assalamualaykum Ladies ..

meet with me again, according to the title at the top “ hijab tutorial for beginners”, I will be sharing a tutorial that is very simple and easy for beginners, and because it is very easy, we can also use it daily.


follow the step dear :)
follow the step dear :)


tutorial 2



step by step:
PS. use your ninja as the depths of the hijab, so as not to look translucent.

1.  Put the hijab on the head with one side longer 2/3 of the other side.
2.  Take the short side, drag it to the other side, pinned the needle.
3.  So it will be look like the third image
4.  Then you can pin point like a pin in the photo * it’s the outside of the hijab*
5.  Then pull the long side in the opposite direction, make sure the front side are neat.
6.  Take it round your head
7Do not forget to set the front side hijab *hold it like a hand in a photo*
8.  Drag the long side to the front *under the front layer hijab*
9United with the short side at the bottom of the front layer
10-11  voila .. already finished


very easy if you see the picture yah .. hihihihi ..
oiyaa, I have 2 style which is have the similar way, maybe you’re better suited or prefer the second style


tutorial 3

First of all, we just have to do the same steps 1-3 as shown above.

Then –>

4  This are the second way ;)
5.  Pinned the needle so it can’t be move and hijab looks neater.
6.  Drag the long side hijab circling through above the head
7Pull the front side, so it does not stick in our neck side, make it resemble a hoodie.
8.  Pinned at the top so that the hijab is not moving
9-10 voilaaa .. more simple and closed chest


these are my fave hijab for daily used, hope it can help and inspiring you.


| Moslem Got Style & Rule |


Ps. i’m not english teacher, so my english could be bad, but i hope you understand what my tutorial talking about. ijust want to share because i’m care about the hijab


Wassalamualaykum Ladies..




  1. Its so simple, yet its so nice! I need to follow this. THANK YOUUUU!!!! <3

    p.s You're really pretty :D

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