Hijab Tutorial for Beginners II

Assalamualaykum Ladies,

meet again, and still talking and sharing about Hijab Tutorial for beginners” then it will be called part II ;-D

tutorial hijab

hijab tutorial

then follow the step by step:

1.   Put your hijab same length for each side
2.   Use a safety pin under the chin
3.   Then pull both sides of the veil in the opposite direction
4.   Pull slightly upwards
5.   Crossed both sides behind of the head
6.   Lower your hand, and still pull the two sides
7.   Drag both side forward
8.   Place it under the front layer side hijab
9.   Tie under the front layer hijab
10.  Don’t forget to covering your bond, then trim your hijab
11-12. Voila … we are Finish


these are my fave hijab for daily used, hope it can help and inspiring you.


| Moslem Got Style & Rule |


Ps. i’m not english teacher, so my english could be bad, but i hope you understand what my tutorial talking about. i just want to share because i’m care about the hijab


Wassalamualaykum Ladies..


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