Dian Pelangi Book Launch : Brain Beauty Belief

Assalamualaykum Wa rahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Dear…

Cover Book
Cover Book

Do you ever hear “Dian Pelangi”? who does’nt know her.. in the development of the Islamic fashion world today, perhaps she is one of the major inspirations for the muslimah.

dekorasi launching BBB

Lately, she released her second book entitled “Brain Beauty Belief” at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta. the event was attended by Hijabers Community, Indonesia Muslim designer and the inspiration muslimah fashion in Indonesia also Malaysia.

wall of fame launching BBB

Dian Pelangi share her success story at a young age. She also shares tips on becoming hijabers that can be an inspiration to people around her. Everything he completely peeled in the Brain, Beauty, Belief. And she also launch her new layout for the Dian Pelangi blog, very nice layout.. colorfull!! ^_____^

souvenir DP lauching

you may check her blog here : blog.dianpelangi.com

dian pelangi blog

success for you Dian, bismillah you can take Indonesia to the muslimah fashion world and be inspiration for all of muslimah. aamiin :)

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