The Famous Zaskia Hijab

Assalamualaykum dear Muslimah,

We meet again at this holy month, yes it’s Ramadhan. After long time, i will be shared the Famous Hijab Zaskia Instant by @milovani_id .. Yeah maybe most of you already know this instant hijab type. But let me introduce for friends who never know or heard about it.

it’s Zaskia Instant Hijab a.k.a Syria Hoodie a.k.a Long Syria, first time i knew it in 2012 it called peafwol hijab. And then Zaskia Mecca as we know Indonesian Actress re-make them and made it so popular. Thats why sometimes called Zaskia Hijab. But commonly, theres so many hijab maker in Indonesia who made this hijab in their clothing hijab line. With their own materials and stitch.

Zaskia Instant
Zaskia Long Syria by Milovani
Fuschia Jersey
Zaskia Long Syria by Milovani

it’s instant and very user friendly, Ladies.. :)

this is the tutorial


very very simple right? and then you’ve got the stylish hijab but still very polite because cover your chest. And dont worry if you buy zaskia hijab but it’s not suitable with your head or face, you can use this trick ;)

zaskia hijab

the tricks are, first if you feel the hijab it’s too big for your face, you can folded the edge your hijab (you can see over the pic) and the second trick is you can pull over until fix and pin it under your chin. And use as usual.

Very simple very easy..

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