Why Hijab?

Wear Me..
Wear Me..

Why we as women must be use hijab?

this one may could help you to find and decided why i or you as a moslem women must be using Hijab :)


101 Reasons Why I Wear Hijab

Source: book “101 Reasons Why I Wear Hijab”

1.    Running syi’ar Islam.
2.    Intend to worship.
3.    Closing the genitals of a non Muhrim.
4.    Because I want to obey the God who created me, perfecting events, giving rizki, protect, and help me.
5.    Because I want to obey His Messenger, the tutor ummah with his treatise.
6.    To obtain Ridho Allah (Hopefully).
7.    Is a form of sign thankful for His blessings are not broken.
8.    All scholars agree that the law was obliged to wear hijab.
9.    In order for the women to cover their private parts.
10.  Not because of the style-gayaan.
11.  Not because it followed the trend.
12.  Not because the act sanctimonious.
13.  It’s better than the pretentious sanctimonious zholim ^ _ ^.
14.  Not just meant to be distinct from the others.
15.  Ennoble women from the shackles of humiliation that only the object of lustalone.
16.  Hijab is suitable for all women who want to protect themselves from mere lust object.
17.  I want to be a woman Solihah.
18.  I  was trying to achieve the degree teqwa.
19.  Hijab is taqwa clothes.
20.  Hijab is a Muslim woman identity.
21.  Beginning with wearing a headscarf, I want to tread the path to heaven.
22.  Distance themselves from the heat of hellfire punishment in the hereafter.
23.  The wives of the Prophet Muslim dress.
24.  The sahabiah (Prophet Companions of women) as well as Muslim dress.
25.  They are all Muslim women role models, as well as me.
26.  May Allah give us the same reply as they jannah.
27.  To raise Izzah Islamic.
28.  To raise Izzah (glory) themselves as women (Muslim).
29.  Jilbab better protect themselves.
30.  Makes me feel more secure.
31.  Keeping yourself from nosy male disorder.
32.  Keeping away from the object view of the man who just wants to ‘wash the eyes’.
33.  Keeping away from the object of male lust.
34.  Keeping away from the eyes of the man who jelalatan.
35.  Keep himself from meddling hands who wants to touch.
36.  Avoid eye adultery and fornication of the heart.
37.  Is the prevention of fornication itself.
38.  Hijab to avoid me from negative attitudes.
39.  Hijab can remove the deviant desires.
40.  Made me more humble. 

41. Makes me more khusyu

42.  Mejauhkan me from sin (inshaAllah). 

43. Makes me ashamed to sin.
44.  I get closer to God.
45.  I get closer to the Prophet.
46.  I get closer to His prophets.
47.  I get closer to fellow Muslims.
48.  I get closer to the teachings of Islam.
49.  Makes me still want to learn about Islam.
50.  Make me always feel hungry for the teachings of Islam.
51.  Makes me still want to live the teachings of Islam.
52.  The teachings of Islam is valid forever, no ancient.
53.  Hijab is not something that is ancient.
54.  Saying that covered the ancient meaning has sued the authority of God.
55.  All-Knowing God knows better what is best for his ummah.
56.  Covered, indicating the progress means the application of Islamic teachings in the present.
57.  It is one barometer has been the establishment of an Islamic environment.
58.  Distinguishing itself from other faiths.
59.  Facilitate in identifying fellow sisters.
60.  Strengthening ropes ukuwah Hospitality and fellow Muslim.
61.  Eliminate doubt when you want to greet my Muslim sisters.
62.  Ease instill a sense of affection-loving fellow brothers / sisters.
63.  Makes me look more graceful.
64.  Make me look good.
65.  Make me more visible women.
66.  Does not look like a man.
67.  Makes me always in an Islamic environment.
68.  Jilbab keep me from the wrong intercourse.
69.  I facilitate, with the permission of God, to know a devout man.
70.  Women who either (salihah) with a good man (devout) as well.
71.  Hopefully my mate given a devout man.
72.  Mate is a matter of God.
73.  By keta’atan on God, God will give him ease.
74.  I facilitate the activities ..
75.  Making it easier to move.
76.  Jilbab care of so it does not look the contours of the body
77.  Very busy when a woman dressed like the current trend (which is tight).
78.   I do not like to wear jeans.
79.  Tight jeans can cause cervical cancer because of the temperature around irregular uterus.
80.  Save time in clothes.
81.  Save time in the ornate.
82.  No need to bother trying to follow fashion trends are always evolving.
83.  Save money to buy clothing that is a trend.
84.  Save money to buy makeup.
85.  Protect your skin from make-up that can damage the skin.
86.  Protecting skin from the sun.
87.  Minimize skin cancer.
88.  Sunburn to reduce skin moisture so the skin dry.
89.  Minimizes the appearance of black spots on the skin surface due pigment changes in the age tertenu. 


90.  Protecting hair from the flying dust.

91.  Dust that can contaminate the hair and cause hair fall off easily resulting baldness. 

92.  Led me to live more simply.
93.  Avoiding consumptive life.
94.  Make yourself do not dazzled with the splendor of the world and all her jewelry.
95.  Makes me think more of other things besides fashion and jewelry.
96.  Putting women into the subject in the process of community development.
97.  It’s easier to save.
98.  Having the opportunity to perform hajj.
99.  Have more opportunities to berinfaq and alms.
100.  That means more charity for the stock in days later.
101.   Makes me feel like a complete woman

but The most reason is, ALLAH requires that to all women moslem..

|moslem got style & rule|


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  1. Mashaallah! :) I am touched and it was all true.. im one of the women in the world who cant go outside the house without wearing hijab.

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